Getinge 633Ls Steam Sterilizers


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Getinge 633Ls Steam Sterilizers

Condition: Refurbished

The Getinge 633LS Vacuum/Gravity Steam Sterilizer is designed to increase the standard load capacity compared to other similar sized units, increasing throughput in the same amount of space. The 633LS Series Sterilizers are the ideal replacement unit for renovation projects where space is at a premium. Angled, above-unit controls facillitate operator use. Available with integral steam generator — 30 kW or 45 kW, depending on chamber size

The 633LS feature a 5.7" VGA color display with intuitive, flexible, soft-key controls to facilitate fast on-screen modifications of cycle parameters and quick reference of cycle values. Choose from three operating screens including bar graph (with visible cycle time remaining), plot graph or detail view. Offering a total of 21 cycles for healthcare applications including wrapped and unwrapped porous and non-porous hard goods, gowns or towel packs, and liquids in self-venting or unsealed containers.

The 633LS Sterilizer is offered in a choice of
three chamber lengths:
26" (660 mm) — 10.5 cu. ft. (297L)
39" (1000 mm) — 15.5 cu. ft. (450L)
51" (1300 mm) — 20.7 cu. ft. (586L)
Standard dimensions: 26.5" wide x 26.5" high

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