Siemens SIREMOBIL ISO-C C-Arm (2005) WITH Flat Panel LCD Monitors

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Siemens ARCADIS Orbic 3D C-Arm: 


The revolution in true isocentric mobile C-arm design continues. SIREMOBIL Iso-C® now offers a Large Field (LF) Image Intensifier that adds “big picture“ clinical benefits to SIREMOBIL Iso-C’s breakthrough efficiency, ease-of-use, and patient access. The new LF Image Intensifier offers significant advances:

  • Superior Image Quality. With SIREMOBIL Iso-C LF, the field of view is virtually distortion-free even at the perimeter. The result is true imaging that is nearly 100 percent larger than conventional 12“ C-arm designs.
  • Precision a Metal-Ceramic Design. Siemens technological leadership offers a precise centered image even in zoom mode and superior image quality over a longer period of time.
  • Smaller, Lighter Components Make Better Use of Space. Despite the power inside, the housing of the image intensifier is smaller on the outside for better patient access. Plus, its lighter weight means easier handling during procedures as well as improved mobility within your facility.

The large field of view of SIREMOBIL Iso-C LF offers superior abilities to handle a wide range of procedures. Among these are:

  • Peripheral or abdominal vascular angiograms
  • Endovascular stent-grafts for AAA, gastrointestinal or urological procedures
  • Mylograms and epiduragrams
  • A variety of spinal procedures and rod placements in orthopedics
  • Retrograde pyelograms and urodynamic studies in urology

The capabilities and clinical benefits of the Large Field Image Intensifier are significant. But the combination of LF technology with SIREMOBIL Iso-C features makes SIREMOBIL Iso-C LF the absolute standout choice in multi-purpose C-arms.


  • LCD Monitors
  • Foot Switch
  • Hand Switch
  • User Manual
  • Sony Thermal Printer


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