GE Senographe DS Digital Mammo Unit 2007

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GE Senographe DS Digital Mammo Unit 2007: 

A GoldSeal refurbished Senographe Essential full-field digital system is designed to give you what you need to perform high-quality mammograms. This mammography product that lets you perform a wide variety of breast procedures-from in-office screening and diagnostics to interventions to mobile screenings.



  • Offers one of the largest detectors in the industry
  • Offers fast positioning
  • Offers an ergonomic design
  • Helps you provide quality care
  • Lets you see breast tissue clearly 


  • The GE flat-panel amorphous silicon digital detector 
  • AutoQAP  quality assurance programs
  • Automated repeat-reject analysis (RRA) software 


2007 GE Senographe DS Mammo Unit

  • DOM 2007
  • Fully operational
  • 200-240V, 50/60Hz, 9kVA
  • Generator model ZFH00DMR, type 21037399, DOM 2007

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