Stryker 1060 Og Gyn Stretcher


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Stryker 1060 Og Gyn Stretcher

Condition: Refurbished

Gynnie OB/GYN Stretcher
Built on Stryker’s trademark features, Ginny’s dual-purpose stretcher offers superior versatility through durable OB/GYN features integrated into a general use design. The Stryker Gynnie incorporates smart engineering to create a solution that is exceptionally easy to use. Innovative features and intuitive operation combine to not only promote usefulness but also add efficiency in a wide range of applications.

Features & Benefits
Ginnie’s smart multi-purpose design offers hide-away footrests and single-hand positioning for OB/GYN functions maximizing return on investment. Key advantages include:
Hide-away Footrests
Glideaway Side Rails
Retractable Fifth Wheel
Optional OB/GYN Accessories
Four-Wheel Steel Ring Brake System
Integrated Utility Tray

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