Ritter 305 Examination Power Table

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Ritter 305 Examination Power Table

Condition: Refurbished


The Ritter 305 Examination Power Table allows precise patient positioning with minimal effort on everyone's part. The table has a power back function which especially benefits elderly patients and those having trouble breathing while laying flat. It helps get patients into position and cause less stress on their respiratory system. The seat section overhangs the base and the power back function make achieving the lithotomy position for OB/GYN and urological procedures easy on patients. Seat section is designed to allow the physician to work in close for more effective examinations. This tables seamless upholstery eliminates areas where dirt and bacteria can accumulate, making clean-up faster and more effective.



Dimensions: (top): 26.5"W x 56.5"L (67.3cm x 143.5cm)

Height:  27" to 37.5"

Length with footrest extended: 73.5" (186.7cm)Height: Minimum 27" (68.6cm) Maximum 37.5" (95.2cm)Seamless styled top (standard)

Paper roll holder (hidden): Holds 18" x 3.5" paper roll (45.7 cm x 8.9 cm)

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