Midmark 411 Power Procedure Table

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Midmark 411 Power Procedure Table

Condition: Refurbished


The Power Examination Table is primarily used in examination rooms for general examinations and minor procedures. The combinations of its four powered motions, adjustable procto knee rest, stirrups, treatment pan, and adjustable headrest provide a table which can be tailored to facilitate most examinations and treatments being performed in a doctor’s office. The table is designed to reduce the effort and fatigue, and increase safety involved in the examination and treatment of patients.


The 411 Power Examination Table has . . .
• powered positioning of its four functions; back up and down, tilt up and
down, foot up and down, and table up and down.
• a hand control, ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the palm of the
operator’s hand, for positioning the table top for an examination or procedure.
• an optional foot control, which allows the operator to position the table for an
examination or procedure without breaking the sterile field.
• a manually adjustable head rest which may be adjusted to allow the operator
to position the patient’s head in a specific position or orientation.
• a manually adjustable leg rest which may be adjusted into a procto knee rest
position for proctologic examination.
• right and left stirrups which can be extended to an infinite number of positions
as well as laterally in three positions.
• two 1 in. (2.5 cm) tall x 3/8 in. (0.95 cm) wide accessory rails to allow use of
mounted accessories with table.
• two duplex, hospital grade 115 VAC receptacles, one located on each side of
the table to power accessories or instruments.
• a paper roll holder which is hidden in the head end of the upholstered top,
and tear strips, located at the foot end and head end of the upholstered top,
to secure examination paper during a patient examination or procedure.
• a treatment pan which provides a convenient container to hold or store items
or debris for or from an examination or treatment. The treatment pan is not
intended to hold more than one ounce (29.6 ml) of fluid.
• built in diagnostics which allow for quicker and better servicing of the table
should a malfunction occur.

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