Midmark 409 Pediatric Table

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Midmark 409 Pediatric Table

Condition: Refurbished


The 409 Pediatric Examination Table is primarily used by physicians and office staff to conduct routine medical examinations as well as measure the height and weight (digital scale is optional) of a pediatric patient safely and comfortably. The table also serves as a storage cabinet for medical supplies.


The Model 409 Pediatric Examination Table has . . .
• an optional digital scale which can be used to measure a pediatric patient’s
weight with an accuracy of :
±50 g (±1.75 oz.) for patients weighing between 0 to 5 kg (0 - 11 lb),
±100 g (±3.5 oz.) for patients weighing between 5 to 20 kg (11 - 40 lb)
The minimum increment of reading is .05 kg (1 oz). Also has ability to view
weight reading in kilograms (KG) or pounds (LB), has weight reading lock-in
feature, and has a battery power low indicator.
• a linear scale which can be used to measure a pediatric patient’s height at
an accuracy of ± 0.32 cm (1/8 in). The scale readout minimum increment is
0.5 cm (1/8 in).
• a paper roll holder which is located under the left end of the upholstered top
and a tear strip, located at the right end of the upholstered top, to secure
examination paper during a patient examination. The paper roll holder can
hold a paper roll up to 35.6 x 7.6 cm diameter (14 x 3 in. diameter).
• a large, removable storage drawer which rides on two side mounted steel
ball bearing glides.
• a one piece plastic drawer divider which divides drawer space into three sections.
• a large bulk storage area with an adjustable storage shelf (adjustable to five
different heights) that is accessible through two doors.
• an optional drawer and doors lock.
• a one piece cut and sewn upholstery top.
• a maximum load capacity of 20 kgs (40 lbs) distributed over top surface.
• been designed to fit in with standard Ritter 3 inch casework.
• has leveling feet to allow for uneven floors.

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