Midmark 404 Examimation Table

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Midmark 404 Examimation Table

Condition: Refurbished

The 404 Medical Examination Table is primarily used in examination rooms for
general examinations. The table top is a fixed height table with an adjustable
back section. Also, when supported with pelvic lift bar, the lithotomy position
can be achieved. There are six storage drawers which accommodate supplies
used during examinations 


• a manually adjustable back section which is adjustable from a full horizontal
position to a chair position.
• an optional 50 WATT drawer heater, located in top drawer at foot end of
table, which warms contents of drawer up to body temperature which is
approximately 95°F (35°C).

• a pelvic lift bar allowing seat section to be positioned in Lithotomy position
(+5° from horizontal).
• an extendable, self-locking steel step with a non-skid surface. The step
extends from the foot end of the table to assist patient entry and exit.
• an extendable footrest shelf which includes a positionable upholstered pad
(7° tilt) and a removable treatment pan

• six storage drawers; three drawers on foot end of table and three drawers on
either right or left side of table (selected at time of purchase).
• drawer fronts which have molded hand pulls and come with snap-in color

• one country specific receptacle, located on left side of table, near foot end.
• four leveling feet (one on each corner) to ensure a solid, level installation.
• an upholstery top which is removable without use of tools.
• a paper roll holder which is hidden in head end of the table and tear strips,
located at foot end and head end of upholstered top, to secure examination
paper during a patient examination or procedure. The paper roll holder can
support up to a 53.3 cm x 8.9 cm (21 in. x 3.5 in.) diameter paper roll

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