Hill Rom Transtar P8000 Procedural Stretcher

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Hill Rom Transtar P8000 Procedural Stretcher

Condition: Refurbished

Hill-Rom’s rugged Procedural Stretcher (P8000) is the ideal choice for emergency, OR, PACU or outpatient settings. This stretcher offers outstanding mobility, comfort and quality.

Mobility. Why struggle to steer and stop? An optional Active Hand Brake reduces strain of going down ramps and sudden stops. Our integrated IV pole transport device option helps you to maneuver stretcher and portable IV pole stands with ease. The next generation Steering Plus™ system allows crisp cornering and control.

Comfort. Reduce patient-handling risk and enhance your and your patient’s comfort. The BackSaver Fowler™ feature provides you with easier articulation of the head section. Combine it with the AutoContour™ feature to minimize repositioning of patients. Our new 5-inch air mattress (PrimeAire® ARS mattress) with fire barrier is the industry’s first non-powered air surface for stretchers — helping to make patients more comfortable.

Quality. Our reinforced frames are made of heavy-gauge, automotive-grade steel for long-lasting quality — and a 700 lbs. weight capacity to handle higher patient weights. Nickel-plated push handles, IV poles, siderails and other components offer superior rust resistance, even in harsh environments.

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