Ferno 35A Ambulance Stretcher


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Ferno 35A Ambulance Stretcher

Condition: Refurbished

Ferno 35-A Mobile Transporter complete with mattress and straps

The Ferno Model 35-A Mobile Transporter, Multi-Level, Roll-In Cot combines the benefits of a multi-level cot with the easy loading of a roll-in style cot. Empty one person load capability for user convenience.


Lightest cot available with a 500 pound (227 kg) load capacity, built-in shock frame and fully adjustable gas-assist backrest to enhance patient care
Sturdy X-frame undercarriage is easily raised by second EMT during loading
Dual ratchet bar adjustment mechanism is simple to operate and permits eight levels of height adjustment
Safety U-bar and hook holds the Mobile Transporter at the rear of the ambulance during unloading as undercarriage is lowered to the ground
Low foot-end lifting frame enables shorter EMTs to get better leverage when lifting the Mobile Transporter
Head-end drop frame and foot-end lead handle for improved EMT control/maneuverability
Adjustable backrest angle from 0 to 75 degrees allows patient to be in a comfortable position
Built-in shock position permits instant change in patient positioning by elevating feet 15 degrees (approximately 10"") without compromising patient's breathing"
Improved lubrication-free, easy-roll wheels allow for greater cot mobility.

Product Specifications:

Length: Max: 79" (200 cm) Min: 63" (160 cm)
Width: 24" (61cm)
Height: Max: 40" (101 cm) Min: 9" (23 cm)
Loading: 32" (80 cm)
Weight: 74 lb. (34 kg)
Load Limit: 500 lb. (227 kg)

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