ASP Johnson & Johnson STERRAD NX AllClear Plasma Sterilizer

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ASP Johnson & Johnson STERRAD NX All Clear Plasma Sterilizer

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STERRAD NX® System with ALLClear® Technology

Enhances safety to meet your sterilization needs

STERRAD NX® System with ALLClear® Technology is the compact unit from the STERRAD® Systems platform. It includes two sterilization cycles that can reprocess over 23,000 medical devices and can be placed on a cart or countertop when constrained for space.


Product Overview

STERRAD® Systems continue to be the market leader in hydrogen peroxide based low-temperature sterilization with over 20,000 systems installed globally. Healthcare institutions around the world have trusted STERRAD® Systems for decades to safely sterilize medical instruments and materials without leaving toxic residue. STERRAD NX® System with ALLClear® Technology is one of the latest releases from the STERRAD® Systems platform and is the culmination of over 25 years of innovation in hydrogen peroxide gas plasma (HPGP) sterilization technology.

The ALLClear® Technology within the system increases sterilization productivity by conditioning the load, checking for moisture, and running system diagnostics prior to sterilization cycles to maximize successful cycle runs. The system also has integrated quality systems to enhance compliance to guidelines and hospital policies and is ready to integrate with ASP ACCESS® Technology and STERRAD VELOCITY® Reader to automate your reprocessing experience, making your data audit-ready.

Hydrogen peroxide gas plasma sterilization technology helps enhance safety of patients and sterile processing staff.1 Gas plasma is documented to actively break down hydrogen peroxide, reducing emissions exposure for sterile processing staff.2

STERRAD NX® System with ALLClear® Technology includes two sterilization cycles - STANDARD and ADVANCED – to sterilize a variety of medical devices, supported by device validations working in close collaboration with medical device manufacturers. 

Featuring an upgradeable platform, STERRAD NX® System with ALLClear® Technology is designed to adapt to the upcoming demands of sterile processing as medical device designs and guidelines evolve overtime. 

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