Drager Narkomed 2A Anesthesia Machine


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Drager Narkomed 2A Anesthesia Machine

Condition: Pre-owned

Product Description

The 2A was the first in the Drager line to incorporate standard Hypoxic Guard. This Drager model is a reliable alternative for a tight budget. The 2A features standard O2 and N2O and holds up to 3 vaporizers. The AVE Ventilator (electronic) is standard but this model can also be configured with ascending (A- or F-Style) or descending bellows. Drawer pack configurations may vary from picture.

The North American Drager Narkomed 2A anesthesia system is a very versatile and cost effective model.

Features Overview:

Standard Hypoxic Guard
Standard O2 and N2O
Holds up to 3 vaporizers
Built in O2 volume and airway pressure monitors

Technical Specifications:

Weight - 325 lb (147 kg)
Height - 68 in. (173 cm)
Width - 40 in. (102 cm)
Depth - 25 in. (63.5 cm)
Shelf Area - 200 in sq (1,290 cm sq)
Table top: Height: 34 in (86 cm) Area: 271 in sq (1,749 cm sq)
Drawer Dimensions: Larger: 14x21x7 in (36x52x18 cm) - Smaller: 14x17x3 in (36x43x8 cm)

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