AGFA CR MD4.0 43x35 General FOR CR 85-X, CR 35-X CR 25X, CR 75X, CR ADC Compact, CR SOLO.

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AGFA CR MD4.0 43x35 General FOR CR 85-X, CR 35-X CR 25X, CR 75X and more...

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The CR MD4.0 General Cassettes are user-friendly and durable CR (computed radiography) cassettes with a photostimulable phosphor imaging plate and a memory chip for storing the data entered at the ID terminal. The cassettes and plates are compatible with your existing X-ray tables, so there's no need to modify your exposure equipment and routines when switching from conventional to digital imaging. With the embedded memory chip, the identification data and the image are permanently linked as they pass through the electronic processing system.


Can be used with following products and services: Agfa CR digitizers except CR 30-X, DX-S

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