LDR Blue Bed


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Technical Parameters:
Bed dimension including bed end and bumper wheel: Length 2050mm, width 980mm
Bed dimension: Length 1815mm, width 880mm
Min. & Max. table height: 580mm~950mm(exclude the cushion)
Back section turning: ?70ᄚ
Trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg: reverse trend?5ᄚ trend?12ᄚ
Leg section telescope: 550mm
Castor Diameter: 125mm

Standard Accessories:
Leg holder 1 pair Clamp 1 pair
Grab handle 1 pair Foot rest 1 pair
Filth Basin 1 piece Water proof cushion 1 set
I.V. Stand 1 piece
Cushion for newborn baby 1 piece
Cushion 1 set (Including back cushion, seat cushion and assist platform cushion)
Power cord 1 piece
Foot switch (or hand control) 1 piece (optional)

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