2007 Siemens SIREMOBIL Compact L

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The Siemens SIREMOBIL Compact is a tried-and-true C-Arm model. Although smaller and lighter than some of its counterparts, it remains competitive in the imaging market. This is because the compact model is more than suitable for outpatient offices and clinics as well as hospitals. It has more than generous maneuverability without making any compromises. 


Orbital Movement: 130 degrees (-40 + 90)

190-degree angulation and 12.5-degree Swivel

Motor driven vertical lift

40 kV to 110 kV fluloroscopy and digital radiography

50 minutes of fluoro time

Quick 40 second start-up time

Controls can be made with just a simple press of a button

Full workstation with dual flat panel 50/60 Hz monitors 

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