Electric Translucid Operating Table


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Electric-hydraulic Control, four point self compensation brake system, Backward and Forward Movements 530mm, height adjust 450mm. The mesa of the table can male V style body position 100, anti-V 220.
Dimension of table top:
Overall Length: 2100mm
Width: 500mm
Dimension of section:
Head Section: 250-500mm
Back Section: 465-500mm
Kidney Bridge: 750-500mm
Seat Section: 630-500mm
Leg Section: 600-240mm
Main Specification:
Min Height: 700mm
Max Height: 1150mm
Adjust: 450mm
Reversed Trendelenburg: 30
Trendelenburg: 25
Lateral Tilt: 25
Backward and Forward Movements530mm
Head Section Raised from the horizontal45
Head Section lowered from the horizontal90
Back Section Raised from the horizontal: 75
Back Section Lowered from the horizontal: 30
Leg Section Lowered from the horizontal: 90
Leg section opened: 90
Kidney Bridge Elevated (When optional)80mm
Lifting speed: 4:16mm/s

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