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Operating table consists of two parts: mechanical and electro-hydraulic control system. Depending on manual operation, the product can meet the requirement of posture in clinical operation.
Dimension of table top:
Overall Length 2050mm*500mm
Range of movements:
Reversed Trendelenburg: 20
Trendelenburg: 15
Lateral Tilt: 15
Adjustment of sections
Head Section: 45- 90
Back Section: 30- 75
Leg Section Lowered from the horizontal: 90
Leg section opened: 90
Kidney Bridge Elevated(Optional): 80mm
Bed Pan rotation: 0:180
Restoring horizontal position: optional: 2
Lifting speed: 4:16mm/s
safe working load 135kg
Device safety sort I B
IPX4 Ingress Protection? IPX4
Internal power : supply (DC) 24V
Battery capacity: 2.4AH

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