Adopts light sources from different positions for
focus to eliminate shadows from different parts
of medical workers. Vertical mobile setup with
braking device is not limited by the space of
surgical room and is safe and reliable in use.
Illumination Lx: 160000≥EC≥50000
Color Temperature: 4000±500
Color Rendering Index: 100≥Ra≥85
Depth of light bean: ≥500
The value of the total irradiance(service range
for temperature rise≤10 degree): <6mW/m2 Ix
Total irradiance(Temperature rise on the head of
patient under surgical operation≤2 degree): ≤
Power: 110V
Rated Voltage of Bulb: AC 24V
Rated Power of Bulb: 125W
Input power: 150VA


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